Friday, September 7, 2012

East Boston Sojourn

After twenty four years in town I finally made it over to the shores of East Boston to take in the view and to squeeze in a painting before my true ulterior motive in going revealed itself. What a revelation!

Very pretty Piers Park is the highlight, carved out of the mostly downtrodden industrial waterfront with a view across the harbor to the Customs House downtown.

Just down the road a bit I sat down to paint this old dry dock facility and ended up with this:

A little hasty with the values, but in my defense I was distracted by the sound (and smell) of the Manly Sea Eagles vs. Canterbury Bulldogs rugby match blasting out of the East Boston Shipyard location of KO Pies, the newest outpost of our local piece of Australia. Sam, the owner, and the boys were enthusiastically enjoying the match, and it was nice to see another of the Aussie Pies signs I brought him put to good use over the pie case. And... since it was one of the last truly hot days of the year, I needed a thirst quencher to go with my Classic beef pie and sausage roll...

Nothing could be much finer than this. The sausage rolls seem improved from my very first visit, but I think I'm now acclimated to the braised lamb shank pies I usually order, and missed it a bit!

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