Sunday, November 17, 2013

Homer Country Redux

A little over a year ago I went on a pilgrimage to Portland, ME to see the "Weatherbeaten" exhibit of Winslow Homer's work at the Portland Museum of Art. After the show, we took a ride out to Prout's Neck near Scarborough Marsh to see if we could catch of glimpse of his home and studio, recently refurbished by the museum.

We guessed wrong on which direction we should set off on the 'cliff walk' around this large isthmus of land and ran out of time before we got round to Homer's house, but we did manage to see a vast new dwelling under construction, apparently for Roger Gooddell, the NFL Commissioner.

Two painting came out of that trip - done from photos I took at the time:

I spent Labor Day this year in the area again and did a brief jaunt up the coast along the shores of Cape Elizabeth to Two Lights State Park. The weather that day was very Homer-like: heaving seas, breaking cloud cover, shafts of light beams through the clouds... and eventually two more paintings!

I was fairly pleased with the way the light shafts turned out on these. Nerve-wracking and perilous to attempt something like this in watercolor. That's the very beautiful Richmond Island just off the coast. Here is the photo I was working from for the last one:

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